About us

About us

Our mission

We are acting as a freight forwarding expert in the domestic market coupled with our partners with our partners so that they get the most optimal solution while keeping the choices available.

Our goal

We provide assistance in choosing the ideal mode of transport and company. We offer you the convenience of being able to make sure that your order is safe and secure in your business success.

From the SME to the big companies, all the benefits of air and road transportation are accessible. In a fast-paced world, the life cycle of a product can be greatly increased by reducing delivery time. As a freight forwarder, we are looking for you for the best solution whether you are an occasional or regular order, small or large shipments with us can be assured that we tailor our offer to your requirements.


We are in touch with major market players.

We give you various options to choose.

We do the necessary administration for you.

One service provider – one solution to your needs


Delivery modes personalised to your needs!

Whether it is a smaller package or a whole charter cargo ship, World Express Freight offers the most convenient way of transport! You can be assured of our consignment security!

Our partners